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Consular services


Consular services are public services provided by a consular officer in the embassy, in order to protect the interests and rights of the Estonian state, Estonian nationals and Estonian legal persons.

State fees are charged in accordance with the State Fees Act (payments by bank card or by bank transfer - see bank requisites on Riigilõivu tasumine).

NB! Since January 1, 2012, the Estonian Embassy in Brussels does not handle any visa applications. Please see HERE the list of Estonian representations which are handling visa applications.

Issue of certificate
- certificate could be issued concerning the circumstances known (beyond doubt) to the consular officer.
State fee - 30 EUR

Authentication of signatures, copies and signatures of translators - state fee 20 EUR

Authentication of translations of documents - state fee 60 EUR/ 1page

Official authentication of a signature, copy, printout or extract is done pursuant to the Administrative Procedure Act.

Provision of translation services - consular officer may translate a public document issued in a foreign state or in Estonia on the condition that he or she is sufficiently proficient in both of the languages concerned.
State fees: simple translation 60 EUR/ 1 page
Ordering of document - public documents could be ordered
State fee 20 EUR + cost of the document ordered

Forwarding of document - at request to an Estonian or foreign authority.
State fee 30 EUR

Forwarding of application for Estonian passport and ID-card - personal submission of an application is needed (unless the applicant is a minor)
State fees*:   passport - 60 EUR
                      ID-card - 50 EUR
                      concurrent application of passport and ID-card - 80 EUR 
* reduced fee available for minors, retired persons (on general conditions)

Issue of Estonian passport and ID-card - documents are issued after having identified the national (personal presence necessary unless the holder of the document is a minor)

Issue of alien's passport

Ensuring exercise of right to vote - elections are organized pursuant to the Riigikogu Election Act.

Holding of referendum - voting is organised pursuant to the Referendum Act

Registration of Estonian national - done at request.
The data on the residence of an Estonian national permanently residing in a foreign state could be forwarded to the Estonian population register.

Release from citizenship - at request, an application is forwarded to the Citizenship and Migration Board.

Forwarding of application for residence and work permit to the Estonian Citizenship and Migration Board (personal presence necessary)
State fees depend on the type of the permit applied for.


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