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The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg recognised the Republic of Estonia on 22 February 1923 and re-recognised Estonia on 27 August 1991. Diplomatic relations were re-established on 29 August 1991.

Previous Estonian ambassadors to Luxembourg were:

1993-1996 Clyde Kull
1996-1999 Jüri Luik
1999-2003 Sulev Kannike
2004-2009 Malle Talvet-Mustonen
2009 Karin Jaani
2010-2011 Mariin Ratnik
2012-          Gert Antsu

Estonia’s Honorary Consul in Luxembourg is Alexis Thielen.

Ambassador of Luxembourg to Estonia Michèle Pranchère-Tomassini presented her credentials on 23 November 2012. The ambassador resides in Prague. Mr. Vahur Kraft held the postition of Honorary Consul of Luxembourg to Estonia from February 2009 to December 2013.

The bilateral relations of Estonia and Luxembourg are good and stable. The shared integration-minded EU policy of both Estonia and Luxembourg creates a sound basis for co-operation. Meetings of the foreign ministers take place regularly in the Baltic and Benelux countries format; the last such meeting took place on 9-10 October 2013 in Riga.



to Luxembourg
February 2015 Prime Minister Taavi Rõivas on a working visit
October 2014 President of the Riigikogu Eiki Nestor on an official visit
July 2009 Prime Minister Andrus Ansip
May 2008 Foreign Minister Urmas Paet
May 2006 Prime Minister Andrus Ansip
October 2004 Foreign Minister Kristiina Ojuland
May 2003 President Arnold Rüütel


to Estonia
February 2015 Foreign Minsiter Jean Asselborn at the meeting of Baltic and Benelux countries
March 2013 Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs and Immigration Jean Asselborn on a working visit
September 2011 Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn at the meeting of the Baltic and Benelux countries
May 2011 Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker
October 2008 Minister for Foreign Affairs and Immigration Jean Asselborn
September 2007 Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker
May 2006 Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs and Immigration Jean Asselborn



Economic Relations



The mutual visits of business delegations have taken place infrequently (1999, 2003, 2005) and trade between Estonia and Luxembourg is modest.

In 2014 Luxembourg rose to become Estonia’s 46th trade partner with a total turnover of 20.33 million euros, showing growth x 1,6  In 2014 exports to Luxembourg totalled 7.77 million euros in value, while imports totalled 12.56 million euros in value. The trade balance was negative by 4.79 million euros.

Primary articles of export in 2014 were vehicles and means of transport (80.6%), animal and plant fatss and oils and their derivatives (15.6%), metals and metal products (1.22%), machinery and mechanical parts (0.63%) and live animals and animal products (0.60%).

Primary articles of import in 2014 were metals and metal products (70.8%), plastic and rubber products (15.3%), machines and mechanical devices (6.3%) and products made from stone, plaster, cement and other such materials (2.1%).

Trade 2007-2014 (in millions of euros)




















   1,2 8,1




2014 7,77 12,56

Source: Statistics Estonia


According to Bank of Estonia data, as of 31 December 2014, Luxembourg had made direct investments in Estonia totalling 197 million euros, which was 1.2% of all direct investments made in Estonia and placed Luxembourg in 15th place among the countries investing in Estonia. Compared to the same time last year, LU direct investments in Estonia thereby decreased by 167 milliion euros, or 1,8 times.

As of 31 December 2014, Estonia’s direct investment position in Luxembourg was 11.7 million euros, (2.2% of all direct investments made abroad), and was thereby in 23th place in Estonia's direct investments in foreign countries (according to EP published data). Compared to the end of 2013, Estonia's investments in Luxembourg had increased by 11.2 million euros; a growth of 23 times (the absolute values albeit were small).

In August 2010 the Estonian government approved the decision to sell part of its unused AAU (Assigned Amount Units) quota to Luxembourg for a sum of 30 million euros. The money from the sale was invested in works to make apartment buildings more energy-efficient. In addition to Luxembourg, agreements on the sale of unused AAUs have also been concluded with companies in Austria, Spain, and Japan.

Cultural relations

Cultural relations between Estonia and Luxembourg are developing. Within the past few years, concerts have been given in Luxembourg by Villu Veski and Tiit Kalluste together with the Argentinean Pipi Piazolla; Vox Clamantis and Olav Ehala; Andres Mustonen and Ivo Sillamaa; as well as Ultima Thule and Vennaskond. Christmas concerts have been arranged and Aldo Järvsoo’s and Tanel Veenre’s creative works in the field of fashion demonstrated. The Luxembourgish have also had an opportunity to watch Priit Pärn’s animations and Liina Siib’s poster art works. The documentary film “The Singing Revolution”, about Estonia regaining its independence, has been screened in Luxembourg. Concerts have been given by the Maria Faust Ensemble, Jaak Sooäär on guitar and Tuule Kann on zither (kannel), and many others. The Pascal Schumacher Quartet from Luxembourg has performed within the framework of the Nargen Festival in Estonia; the film “A Town Named Panic”, created in co-operation by Luxembourg, Belgium and France, has been shown during the Black Nights Film Festival.

The Estonian cultural events of 2013 in Luxembourg that should be highlighted include the concert by Tonis Mägi & Music Seif, the joint exhibition of Estonian and Luxembourg artists at the Beim Engel Gallery, the celebration of the 95th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia at the Beim Engel Gallery, the participation of Estonian films at the CinEast Film Festival and the concert by Tanel Padar & the Sun at the CinEast Festival's Balti Night.

In 2014, Estonia's cultural relations with Luxembourg remained at the same level as in previous years. In March, a literary meeting with Andrus Kivirähk took place. In October, the Estonian film "Kirsitubakas" (Cherry Tobacco) participated in the 7th International CinEast Film Festival in Luxembourg. Organist Kristel Kaer performed a concert at the Luxembourg Protestant Church and the ensemble Abraham Cafe performed at Luxembourg's Neumünster Cultural Centre as a stop on their European tour.

Estonians in Luxembourg

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